Racketball Fun Team Leagues

It's Back!
Racketball Fun Team Leagues 2015!
Who will steal the crown from the All Blacks and get the highest accolade of 'Most Improved Player?
It's all to play for!

All Matches Start at 3.45pm on Saturdays

Finals: 12-Dec: A v B and  C v D and E v F


Team Line Ups

Team A
The Masters

Team B
Blue Bandits 

Team C
The Blockers

Team D
Scary Canaries

Team E
All Blacks

Team F
The Hackers

1. Scott Wilson

2. John Alderson

3. Rosie Connell

4. Louis McLeod

5. Carl Knowles

6. Dave Somers

7. Audrey Coulson
1. Dom Hamilton

2. Adam Brown

3. Laura Morris

4. Bally Notay

5. Jo Wright

6. Anna Hamilton

7. Claire Tisch
1. Ross Williamson

2.Peter Edwards

3.Richard Taylor

4. Rajiv Johar

5. Anderson Davis

6. Lydia Edwards

7. Ros Francis
1. Ivan Parslow

2. James Robertson

3. Sarah Irwin

4. Louise Starks

5. Jayne Dixon

6. Iain Starks

7. Phil Hopps
1. Declan Christie

2. Paula Arrowsmith

3. Rudi Chavez

4. Elspeth Beattie

5. Christian Kaiser

6. Emma Stallworthy

7. Sue Stent
1. Ian Thompson

2. Rob Blackburn

3. Helen Midgley

4. Steve Bairstow

5. Laurie Toczek

6. Paul Fox

7. Juliana Caines

For a full list of fixtures, results and player contact details please email me for at edwardsquash@msn.com

Honours Board 2014
Team Winners

All Blacks
Most Improved Player
Jeremy Whiting