The Inaugural Chapel Allerton Ryder Cup 
Headingley 2015 Sees Tennis Triumph

And what a battle it was!
All it took was big balls for a stunning win!
Tennis triumphed, while squash and racketball captain Peter Edwards logged on to Amazon to bulk order 'The Inner Game of Golf' for his team next year!

And the results were...
Tennis: 11 Squash: 8
Morning 12-Holes Singles (1 point for a win)
Tennis: 7 Squash: 2
Dave Somers BT Joanne Bowman 
Graham Temple BT David Bowman
Bally Notay BT Stephen Ross  
Louis McLeod BT David Bowman*
Elspeth Beattie BT Ash Johal 
Mirek Matwiejczyk BT Peter 'The Sledger'Edwards
Phil Radcliffe BT Keith Ross 
Graham Calder BT Jon Round
Peter James BT Pratik Patel 
Marcus Kaiser BT Michael Robinson
Afternoon 18-Holes Team Play (2 points for a win)
Tennis: 4 Squash: 6

 Dave Somers & Graham Temple BT  Joanne Bowman & Carl Knowles
Bally Notay & David Bowman BT Stephen Ross & Louis McLeod 
Ash Johal &  & Peter Edwards BT Elspeth Beattie & Mirek Matwiejczyk
Keith Ross & Graham Calder BT Phil Radcliffe & Jon Round
Pratik Patel & Michael Robinson BT Peter James & Marcus Kaiser
Nearest the Pin:
Steve Ross
Bally Notay
Longest Drive:
Pratik Patel

Chief Organiser Peter 'The Sledger' Edwards and Special Compere for the evening Don Estelle (Don Lofty Somers, no sorry, Dave Somers)


  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 6
  5. Title 7
  6. Title 8
  7. Title 9
  8. Title 10
  9. Title 11
  10. Title 12
  11. Title 15
  12. Title 16
  13. Title 17
  14. Title 20
  15. Title 23
  16. Title 26

Simply the best! Tennis triumph!

Losers...or Runners-up. Squash!

Our very own Rory...big hitter Pratik Patel out drive everyone everytime!

I love you, no, I love you! The mutual admiration society was born...!

THE 'Ken Bowman' Swing Demonstration

"See Bally, straight as a banana!"

Celebrity spottings: Barbie Bowman takes on Don Estelle!

Quadruple trouble!

Three tennis, one racketball...cheers Phil!

The Pro Grouping!

Another Peter Edwards long winded speech sees Ken, Bally and Steve lose the will to live...PB of  90 seconds!

Erm, no idea what's going on here!

Our kings of accuracy, nearest the pin winners Steve and Bally

Honours Board Chapel Allerton Ryder Cup Golf Day
2015 Headingley: Tennis
(Elspeth Beatte, David Somers, Graham Calder, Graham Temple, Peter James, Marcus Kaiser, Steve Ross, Keith Ross, Louis McLeos & Mirek Matwiejczyk)

Look out for updates on the Chapel Allerton Golf Day, June 2016 and the 2nd Chapel Allerton Ryder Cup, August 2016